Friday, February 6, 2015

inkscope lite

Inkscope lite is a visualization only version of Inkscope.

All you need for it is Apache and a running ceph-rest-api. You don't need any database or probe.

The installation proccess is very simple:
1- download and unzip the inkscope-lite package (link)
2- start a ceph-rest-api
2- configure Apache
4- Enjoy!

For more detail on InkScope lite , go there .

Download inkscope-lite

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Inkscope V1.1

A new release is available on github.

For packaging reason, we go directly from 0.4 to 1.1.
Here are the main changes in this release:
  • unique config file for inkscopeCtrl and inkscope probes
  • pool management enhancement (categorized parameters, erasure coded pool, cache tiering)
  • erasure code profile management
  • Rados Gateway object visualization
  • fix compatibility issue with Giant
  • show overall status on every pages (title color)
  • allow to use the same mongo db for several ceph clusters
  • access to health details with filter from the dashboard
  • new colors for pg states
  • allow to launch ceph-rest-api as an apache wsgi application

It has been tested on Firefly and Giant.

Manual installation is described here

Installation packages (rpm or deb) will be available soon.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Managing Crush map buckets with Ceph Rest API

Possibilities for managing buckets are:
  • add-bucket
  • link
  • move
  • rm or remove
The URL syntax is :

/api/v0.1/link?name=bucketname&args=buckettype=bucketname [args=buckettype=bucketname]


R1- /api/v0.1/add-bucket?name=myhost&type=host

R2- /api/v0.1/link?name=myhost&args=datacenter=houston&args=root=default

R1 will create 'myhost' of type 'host' but with no link
R2 will create or establish a tree for 'myhost' in crushmap

root -> datacenter ->host
default -> Houston -> myhost