Monday, April 13, 2015

Inkscope and ceph-rest-api (edited)

Edited 2015/04/13: found a better way for apache configuration (proxypass vs rewrite)

Inkscope is essentially based on the use of the ceph-rest-api.

There are two ways to access the ceph-rest-api :
  • as a standalone server.
  • as an Apache WSGI application. 

ceph-rest-api standalone server

You can start a standalone instance form the command line:
nohup ceph-rest-api -i admin&

Inkscope V1.2 is available

Release 1.2 has been published and packaged. It comes with the following changes.
  • add OSD perf view
  • add pg stuck list and pg menu
  • add pool snapshot creation and deletion
  • add MDS page
  • enable more than one cephprobe
  • add status to sysprobe and cephprobe
  • add filters to Pool/PG/OSD display
  • update js libraries
  • allow use of https connexion to radosgw
  • add the possibility to pause/resume the automatic refresh of pg states pie on dashboard
  • fixes to probes (authentication with mongo, stat garbage time window)
  • fixes to S3 object view issues ( #37 , #38 )
  • fix dashboard if great number of PGs (#44)